Gareth Bale Shows A Sign to Leave Real Madrid

Gareth Bale is one of the best players in Real Madrid. Bale explained his plan if he has to move from the club. Moving to Major League Soccer in America will be his first plan if he leaves Real Madrid. He added that Gareth Bale loves the league and is interested in it. The main thing that makes him stay so far is because of the £600.000 per week that he achieved. The 30 years old player explained that he felt the atmosphere in the pre-season. He said that the games are hard and the standard is getting better. The facilities and stadiums are improving significantly as well as the clubs. Major League Soccer is still rising until today. A lot of players will play in this league if they know of its significant improvement. It is not a new plan for Gareth Bale. The Wales forward explained that he loves to play for his country more than Real Madrid. He stated it before Wales’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Azerbaijan in November 2019. 

His intention to move became bigger after Wales won against Hungary before the event was postponed. One of the signs was when Bale took a banner from the crowd in the qualification celebration. At that time, he took a “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” banner. Bale felt the atmosphere and enjoyed the celebration moment with his team. His focus is trying to be better than the performance at Euro 2016. Gareth Bale has high expectations. Wales has a young team and potential players. They also have a good manager, Ryan Giggs who also has enough experience in the football industry. Jonathan Barnett Gareth Bale’s agent explained that Bale was not interested in Real Madrid. The problem is that Bale has a contract with Real Madrid. There is nothing he can do with it. It seems that Gareth Bale wants to leave Real Madrid seriously. He almost left the club and moved to Jiangsu Suning in the summer. Gareth Bale played for Real Madrid in September 2013. During his performances, Bale helped the club to win three Club World Cups, three UEFA Super Cups, La Liga, the Copa del Rey, and Champions League. Football fans guessed that Bale’s decision is because of the conflict with Zidane. At that time, the Real Madrid boss said that the decision to let Gareth Bale move from Real Madrid was the best option for everyone. 

Barnett said that this problem will not affect the performance of his player. As long as Gareth Bale is a Real Madrid player, he will play at 100% and do the best for the team. He will work hard to help the club to win the Championship and the European Championship. There is no guarantee that he is leaving the club. It depends on the decision of management. Gareth Bale’s fans only have to wait and see the latest news from their favorite player. They have to wait until the end of the season and contract. Meanwhile, they only have to enjoy the great performance of their favorite player.